Coho (silver) salmon has a delicate flavor and lighter colored meat than sockeye (red) salmon. This fish is also oilier, higher in Omega-3s and has a bit softer meat than red salmon.  A great way to add more healthy fats into your diet!


Nutrition Facts

Serving size : 6 oz

Calories: 238     From Fat: 90

                                    % Daily Value

Total Fat     10g                       15%

    Saturated Fat 2g                   10%

    Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol      76mg               25%

Sodium            78mg                  3%

Total Carbohydrate   0g

        Dietary Fiber  0g

        Sugars  0g

Protein  37g

Vitamin A  5%

Vitamin C  3%

Vitamin D 123%  737IU (600IU RDA)

Calcium  6%

Iron  5%

Omega  3s  2238mg (EPA 729mg, DHA 1115mg)

Coho (Silver) Salmon

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