Chinook Salmon, known as King salmon really lives up to it's name.  This fish is a larger species providing thicker cuts.  This is a favorite among fish lovers due to its buttery texture and flavor.  Wow your guests with this delicious, healthy treat this winter!  Your body will thank you as well!


Nutrition Facts

Serving size : 6 oz

Calories: 295     From Fat: 160

                             % Daily Value

Total Fat   18g                   27%

    Saturated Fat 5g             26%

    Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol       85mg        28%

Sodium         80mg              3%

Total Carbohydrate   0g

        Dietary Fiber  0g

        Sugars  0g

Protein  34g

Vitamin A  10%

Vitamin C  1%

Vitamin D 67%  405IU (600IU RDA)

Calcium  4%

Iron  2%

Omega  3s  3830mg (EPA 1710mg, DHA 1600mg)



King (Chinook) Salmon

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