Ashton & Amanda Callahan (or a&a), independent Alaskan fisherman & fisherwoman, go out to catch some fish.
Just kidding, they don't use a fishing rod. they definitely use a boat!
Ok, not a boat that small. Try this one!
A&A put out a 900 yard long gill net and wait for the catch.
With the patience of good fishermen (and of course, fisherwoman), they wait and wait. Soon their nets are filled!

They immediately clean the fish…not with a broom…with a knife…but there’s blood & guts involved in that & we couldn’t think of a pleasant image for that…so, here you go…a broom…for cleaning!

A&A then take the fish they caughT directly to a processor to be filleted.

The fish are placed in a vacuum seal package & then frozen in dry-ice (at -100 degrees).


Then, someone like yourself goes onto A&A's website ( should know're on their site right now) & orders some fish!

your order is received!

Next, they grab a bunch of fish (because you ordered so much!) & put it into your
Box O’ Fish!

FedEx shows up, takes the fish & flies it overnight!

And then voila! Just like that, your Box O’ Fish shows up on your doorstep, still frozen & fresh!

And then comes the best part of all!

You get to eat some muy delicioso fish!

And then of course there’s the part where you fall in love with our fish, our business, & pretty much all of Alaska (Oh, & the part where you tell everyone you know...even the people you don't know...even the people you don't even really like...all about us!).
- A&A

Ok, seriously, this is what you need to know:


  1. Our fish are wild caught...TRULY WILD caught! We don't raise our salmon in a fish-farm in the middle of the ocean and then call it "wild caught". We literally use our nets to catch salmon that have been free and wild their entire lives. This means that your fish are getting all of the healthy food and exercise they need in order to be the most delicious and nutritious fish they can possibly be!

  2. Once we make the catch and pull the salmon onto our boat, we head and gut them. This means a quick and painless death.

  3. After we catch the fish, the only things touching them are our nets, our hands, our knives, the processor's knives, dry-ice, and plastic packaging. This means no hormones, no additives, no get the point. So, what we're trying to say is...It's healthy!

  4. All of our fish are processed and frozen within 24 hours of the catch. This keeps the fish super fresh!



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